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Friday, June 6, 2014

Feeding Camp Day 10

We are 1/3 of the way through camp.  Can't believe it.  It's going faster than I thought it would.

Wyatt playing with another little boy about his age.  

Today went by really fast.  We were pretty busy though.

Wyatt still has some nasal congestion so his milk drinking still isn't where it was a couple of days ago.  Tonight we've got a "humidifier" going.  It's not really a humidifier but the closest thing the hospital has and I went ahead and gave Wyatt a breathing treatment.  I'm really hoping these things help.  Wyatt's weight dropped to just below 25 pounds.  When we got here, he was at 25.5.  So, I'm really hoping for it to go back up by Monday or we may have to give him MORE blend instead of less.  Not what I'm wanting.

What you can't see in this picture is Wyatt talking back to the TV.  I meant to video but by the time I got it up, he quit.  It's like he knows.  If only we could have people follow 24/7 recording all the good stuff so we can't forget.  

We had our first visitor today.  Our friends that have been through this program came this morning with Smoothie King and homemade dinner in hand!  Of course we forgot to get a picture.  Wyatt was also pulled to have a PT evaluation which meant no play time for the two boys.  But it was nice for a friendly visit.  :-)

So, yes, Wyatt did get a PT eval and the therapist felt that he could use some sessions to help support OT and ST.  So, he'll see her once a week until we leave.  I'm all for anything that can help him function more like a little boy his age... including helping him eat.  It's amazing how different parts of the body functioning properly/improperly can effect other parts; in our case, eating skills.

Wyatt's morning:  
9am, Breakfast.  
10:40, PT Evaluation.  
11:00, Speech.  
11:30, OT.  
12:00, Lunch... 

You'd think with all that, he would have fallen asleep as soon as his little head hit his pillow but nope, he didn't fall asleep until 2:20 and I laid him down just before one.  I don't know how to help him fall asleep faster.  Open to any suggestions from anyone that has experienced their child taking forever to fall asleep.  He's not unhappy being in his crib/pack-n-play, I just wish he'd get the rest I'm sure he needs.  

This kid is running around and falling like crazy!  Hope OT/PT help him not do that so much.
Sometimes I feel like a broken record asking him to "slow down" and "be careful" because he only has 1 speed- SUPER FAST!
Anyway, his OT gave me some play-dough and shaving cream to have in the room so I can work more with him on his textures.  I did some of that this afternoon. He kept wanting to put the play-dough back in the cup.  I guess I've been too good at having him put things away?!?  LOL.  Just kidding!  You should totally see his playroom.  But I had him in my lap and would wrap my hands around his and squish the splay-dough between his palms and fingers.  He seemed to get a kick out it.  I also put shaving cream in a bag and had him squish it around.  The OT said that wetter the material, the less he wanted to touch it.  He wasn't too interested in that so I put one of his cars in the bag with the shaving cream.  Still not a lot of interest.  I opened the bag and kind of stuck his fingers in and pulled his hand back out and just kind of held it up as if to say, "Okay Mommy, wipe my hand clean now."  LOL.  So, I took his hand and shoved the whole thing in the bag.  :-)  I, again, wrapped my hands around his and we made a big 'ol mess!  I helped (made) him draw the alphabet on his own palm with his finger and clapped and squished.  He smiled some but I don't think he'd do it on his own if I did it again.  I'd have to lead.  M
y hope is that he gets more comfortable with the textures and is okay with the mess.  It will all help him with eating.  

It's blurry but it's Wyatt's bag of shaving cream. 

Lunch and snack were "okay" again today.  And dinner was much better.  He was being a ham at dinner tonight, trying to distract from the fact that he wasn't taking a drink of milk when being asking.  Making funny faces and shaking his head.  The feeders are trained to try their hardest to not respond to anything like that, funny or "bad" but me, I'm behind a wall cracking up.  He's so silly sometimes.  

The day wouldn't be complete without some personal reading time.  :-) 

We had family pictures made the weekend before we got here.  Our photog is awesome if you're in the Dallas area and need someone good and reasonably priced!  Her name is Andi! Seriously, she's good y'all and she's nice AND she's my friend.  Call her! 

Here are a few of our sneak peeks!  

Just in case you missed it, HERE is where you can contact Andi and see some more of her work.

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  1. Casey....
    I am sorry that Wyatt has struggled with nasal congestion!! Not fun!! And I am so very sorry that Wyatt has lost a little weight!! Gain, little dude, gain!! ;)
    "I'm all for anything that can help him function more like a little boy his age." Every child develops at his/her own unique pace, and that is okay!! Doing so does not necessarily mean learning disabilities!! Keep that in mind!! ;-D
    You are doing great at trying to get Wyatt okay with touching the shaving cream!! Keep it up!! ;)
    Those professional pictures!! As a "published" children's book writer, I spend tons of time describing things. I have one word. "Precious"!! ;-D
    Hugs and prayers!!
    Love you later, Raelyn