James and I began this blog at the very beginning of our pregnancy with Wyatt to share and update our new adventures as we became pregnant and start the new season of parenthood. Sixteen weeks into pregnancy, I had to go into surgery to ensure our son would not come too early and shortly after, we found out Wyatt has Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This is our humble attempt at being transparent and hopefully sharing the joys and love of Christ through this roller coaster ride we're on. And now to share even more with the new miracle on the way.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wyatt Update

There really isn't much to report.  James and I went to see Dr. Hickman yesterday (Tuesday) for an update.  They checked my cervix- all is well there and looked at Wyatt.  His stomach is still in his chest and so are his small intestines.  I don't think that is new, we just didn't realize.  We saw his diaphragm.  It looks like a fingernail clipping on the screen.  She said it's not missing part so it must be a hole but you can't see it.  His liver is still where it needs to be.  She said she couldn't tell what was lung on the left side and what was small intestine so this could be good.  His lung could be a good size.  We just don't know yet.

Here is the timeline we have right now.  I'm assuming these things could change or not...

  • Thursday, April 5 we will have a fetal echocardiography.
  • Tuesday, April 10 we see Dr. Hickman again.  At this appointment she will take more measurements of Wyatt and I am hoping we'll have the results from the echo explained.  We will also schedule a fetal MRI.  The MRI should be done at 24 or 25 weeks.  
  • Around 32 weeks we will meet with all the doctors for our "family meeting".  
  • At 37 weeks my stitch will be taken out (I think this is staying the same, nothing else has been mentioned).
  • At 38 weeks we will be educed to ensure our team of doctors will be there and hopefully as close to Monday as possible so that they are there all week for me and Wyatt before the weekend crew comes in.  

Right now we looking the doctor options and are going to request some instead of just taking whomever.  James spent time doing that last night.  We will also request to begin seeing our new obgyn that will actually deliver Wyatt so that we can go ahead and get to know her.

We just beg that you continue to pray for our hearts, God using us to bring light into this dark world, Wyatt's development, God's miracles in him, and our doctors and the directions they are pointing us in!

Thank you so much for everyone's love and support.  We feel overwhelmed with all your kind words and prayers.

20 & 21 Weeks

We haven't both been home, dressed for pictures or in the mood this week but the board is made!!!  

This is the best I've got for 21 weeks!

How far along? 21 Weeks
Total weight gain: about 149 pounds
Maternity clothes?  Maternity pants are a must these days, some of my shirts are getting a little too tight but most shirts still fit me snugly!  
Stretch marks? nope.  Praise be to God! 
Sleep: Hmmm, the usual potty break in my sleep but no complaints because I know many women have said they have to get up way more than once a night.  
Best moment this week: Hanging out with an old friend like no time had passed at all.  
Miss Anything?  Stress workouts.  Man, one of those would be great right now!  I also really want some sushi.
Movement: Wyatt is moving all the time.  This morning I was sitting in a meeting for like an hour and he moved nonstop!  
Food cravings: carbonated drinks
Anything making you queasy or sick: It's been good for a while now.  Thank the Lord! 
Gender: A BOY!!!  Mr. Wyatt James Davis
Symptoms:  Belly growth and I'm beginning to get tired again.  
Belly Button in or out? still in
Wedding rings on or off? on of course
Happy or Moody most of the time:  I'm pretty happy. I recently had a difficult day or two but nothing God can't handle!
Looking forward to:  Figuring out all this medical stuff and still to holding our sweet little boy! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prayers Please

James and I come to you humbled and begging for your prayers. I'll just start from the beginning...

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to see my specialist, Dr. Ashley Hickman for my usual 2 week appointment with our nephew, John in tow.  James didn't come because we didn't think anything of it at all- just another check up where they check my cervix and the baby.  You know, to hear "things look good" and "keep doing what you're doing" but that wasn't the case.  The sonogram tech, Sondra did a really good job.  I had no idea anything was wrong at all which is also all God because I've seen the black spot that represents the baby's stomach and the flutter that is his heart and so on.  I didn't see the problem until Dr. Hickman came in and pointed it out to me.  Before she gave us the bad news, she did point out that the stitch is doing it's job and well I might add.  My cervix is measuring 4 cm in length and holding strong, even when pressure is applied.  Then she moved on up to the baby.  Showing me some good things but then pointing out the baby's chest.  I could see the flutter of his heart and then right next to it a black spot that is his stomach. So, his stomach is in his chest, not in his belly where it should be.  She spoke slowly but confidently giving me some basic information- what this condition is called, a general idea of what will happen next and making sure I realize this is a really big deal.  I will tell you, I am not best in these informative sessions.  James excels in this area though.  I took in what I could, choked back the tears to spare my nephew and just wished James had been there, as did he.  She let me know we could call her the next day to answer any questions she could and requested I not Google anything and gave me a print out from the hospital database to read.  I just sent James a text message telling him I got some news and asked that he begin praying.  On the way home, I called him and got out what I could on the phone without crying and hung up.  We got home and James was a rock.  He told John we needed to talk and to play out in the living room until we come get him.  He let me cry and just held me and then asked me again what is wrong.  I was pretty hard to understand on the phone.  So, I said it all again, a little more clearly this time.   I told him that I really felt like it was important at this point to make a decision on our son's name.  He agreed and then we easily and finally agreed on Wyatt, with 2 t's!  This was our disagreement since the name had been put out on the table.  We then headed to dinner for free kids meal night at Dickey's.  It was good John was in town, a blessing, because I had a little boy to care of and feed.  I had to get out of bed and get going, as well as drive him back to Tyler on Wednesday.  The drive there was easy but the drive home was difficult, being left to myself and unable to run away from my problems.  I process a lot through music so I just found some other speeding cars, joined the reins and turned the music up.  I sung... well, screamed the words and prayed through them and cried on and off the entire way home.  One of the many songs that stuck out was one called "Beauty from Pain".  It talks about how God brings beauty from our pain and how right now it's ugly and looks like ashes but we will look back and see His beauty in it all.  
That morning, James called Dr. Hickman and she said our son has diaphragmatic hernia; which means his stomach is in his chest cavity.  This will prevent his lungs from fully developing and could also prevent other organs such as his heart from developing properly. From what we currently know, Wyatt has a 65% to 70% chance of surviving. Next steps are for more doctors to get involved and run more tests. We don't have a timeline yet, hopefully that comes at the next appointment.  We will no longer deliver with Dr. Watkins or at Presby Plano, instead we will be down at Parkland with one of the other specialist we haven't met yet.  
To explain a little more a diaphragmatic hernia is a birth defect in which there is an abnormal opening in the diaphragm, the muscle that helps you breathe. The diaphragm should prevent the organs from the belly (stomach, spleen, liver, and intestines) from going up into the chest cavity near the lungs.  Thankfully, so far it is just Wyatt's stomach and nothing else up there.  I don't know if the hole is still in his diaphragm or not or if other body parts other then his stomach have a chance to move up there too.  We hope for more information maybe at my Dr. Watkins appointment on Tuesday of this week or at my Dr. Hickman appointment next Tuesday the 27th.  
Here is where James and I stand in all of this.  We are sad and a little deflated but we are also very hopeful.  We trust the Lord.  God knows we can handle this situation with Wyatt.  We have no choice but to have open hands in loving him but knowing God loves him infinitely more then we can even imagine.  He is still GOOD and loving.  God is not surprised and no matter how we respond He will be glorified.  We are surrendering to Him in prayer and in life.  We know we have absolutely no control in this situation but He has all the control.  Since Tuesday I have been praying and begging God for it to be his will that he make miracles in Wyatt.  That He move his insides to where they need to be and to allow his organs to develop perfectly as they need to and if that isn't His will, for Him to be with the doctors and to save our little man's life.  And again if that isn't His will for Him to give us strength to live through this and go on loving Him.  Tonight at church it was like God was speaking to James and I both specifically through Matt.  We covered Galatians 3:1-9 and heard God tell us to have more faith.  For us not to pray that "if it be His will" but to pray with faith for miracles and to expect those miracles, always.  And for us to also ask Him to give us more faith where we are lacking that He will heal baby Wyatt.  
We are sharing this with you for many reasons.  First and foremost, we ask that you pray for the Holy Spirit to miraculously and supernaturally heal our son Wyatt.  Second, we share to be transparent ultimately to reveal the glory of our Lord.  We also share in hope that you would pray:

  • that James and I would have unwavering faith in the Lord to heal our son
  • that our community would encourage and hold us accountable to where we place our faith
  • for Dr. Watkins, Dr. Hickman and any other specialists we encounter
Third, we share because sometimes it is getting more and more difficult each time.  But feel free to ask us about it and we'll let you know if it's a good time.  
I'm sure there is more you can pray for and please, we beg, do so!  We will continue to share information and updates as we receive them from God and the doctors.  I will also post pictures from Spring Break and my 20 week prego pick tomorrow or Tuesday.  Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.  We already feel them from those that have known about this.

I cannot express our true love for the Lord enough and His for us.  
GOD is GOOD.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

18 Weeks

This is my 18 week post but it's on the last day of the 18th week!  I wrote the post on Sunday (it's now Wednesday) but all the info is still true and the picture was taken on Sunday night!  :-)  

Well, my post surgery doctors appointment went well.  She gave me the go ahead to return to work.  So, I did.  I was hard returning, getting back into that schedule as well as very good.  I enjoy my kiddos.  They mean the world to me.  :-)  What's next you ask- well, 2 week check ups at Dr. Hickman's office (the specialist) and my monthly check ups at Dr. Watkins.  

My dad, sister and niece came in town Friday night for the North Texas Irish Festival.  Dad has been a part of that for the entire 30 years it's been happening.  He got his 30 year pin and everything.  James and I went Saturday afternoon.  We took Ronix.  He was SOOO excited.  Dogs and people everywhere.  He didn't know what to do with himself.  Sounds like we need to take him out more so he gets used to it and doesn't freak out with excitement!!! 

James and I figured out what color to paint the nursery.  I'll post once we actually buy the paint and get it on the walls.  We did put the crib together today.  That was really exciting.  Our only blunder is that we put it together then realized we should have done in the baby's room because with the door on the hinges.  So, we'll have to take one side off and then get it in the room. We decided not to do that today.  We'll wait until we've painted. :-)  

Here are some pictures from the week:

Weekly Update:

How far along? 18 weeks and counting
Total weight gain: about 140.  I'm climbing back on up the scale.  I've been tracking my food intake very carefully to make sure I am getting what I need.  I'm not perfect but I know exactly where I am. 
Maternity clothes?  I ordered some maternity pants for work.  I'll start in those tomorrow.  My yoga pants are even beginning to be a little tight around the hips.  Booo! These are my favorites.  I also have a pair of maternity jeans that I am loving.  
Stretch marks? nope.  Praise be to God! 
Sleep: Lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night or not able to fall asleep and so my default is to roll over on my stomach when that happens but even that is starting to get uncomfortable.  But once I am asleep, I'm out like a light!!  
Best moment this week: I love, love, loved getting to see 2 good friends in the same day.  One Tuesday, Brenna came over in the morning and Sarah came over in the afternoon.  Both with kids in tow!  :-)  
Miss Anything?  working out.  I went up to 24 Hour Fitness today and freeze my membership.  
Movement: So, I've been getting these weird feelings and pretty often and I'm thinking those are this little boy taking out my insides!  Just sharp bits of "pain" but not really pain here and there all the time.
Food cravings: pizza and sonic breakfast burritos... man, those things are YUMMY!
Anything making you queasy or sick: It's been good for a while now.  Thank the Lord! 
Gender: A BOY!!!  Still working on a name.  I don't know if we'll ever come up with one.  How do you people do it?  I mean it's so permanent. 
Symptoms:  My stomach is getting tighter.  I feel full and hungry like all the time now.  
Belly Button in or out? still in
Wedding rings on or off? on of course
Happy or Moody most of the time:  I'm pretty happy.
Looking forward to:  Figuring out this naming thing and decorating the nursery.  I've got a pretty good idea of what I want the end result to be... now it's just getting there... and for CHEAP!  :-)