James and I began this blog at the very beginning of our pregnancy with Wyatt to share and update our new adventures as we became pregnant and start the new season of parenthood. Sixteen weeks into pregnancy, I had to go into surgery to ensure our son would not come too early and shortly after, we found out Wyatt has Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This is our humble attempt at being transparent and hopefully sharing the joys and love of Christ through this roller coaster ride we're on. And now to share even more with the new miracle on the way.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Little Heart Ache, Baby Shower #2 & Keepin' it Real

OMGosh!  Let me begin by telling you that I've tried to make it a point to not really complain about any pregnancy symptoms, publicly anyway.  James might feel like I have but I've tried to be realistic about it all.  :-)  And to be honest I missed out on a lot of the negatives of it all.  I didn't get morning sickness.  I haven't gotten any headaches.  Sleeping has been okay, until recently.  My boobs of course did their thing and were sensitive but nothing bad.  I had to use the restroom more but still nothing to write home about.  I am a teacher and so I have a bladder like one (for those of you who don't know about all that, teachers tend to know how to hold it!)  I already had some skin problems because of my PCOS.  I've had good test results on my thyroid (until now) and gestational diabetes.  I haven't gained too much weight... I could go on.  In all honesty, I am just thanking God for all of this.  It's definitely put into perspective all my blessings.  I feel like it's God's relief to just let me focus on Wyatt's CDH.  I will say it can be super frustrating to get on facebook or twitter and see tons of "pregnancy woes" of I'm so ready to not be sick and such and such.  I just want to remind all the mommies that you signed up to be pregnant and that's something that comes with it.  I would gladly trade Wyatt's health for me feeling sick or any/all of the above listed.  Yeah, it would suck but it'd be worth it for him to not have to go through what he's about to have to go through.  I just have to ask God for some grace and keep my mouth shut!  :-)  

So, here is the one true complaint that I am allowing myself to post publicly!  Saturday night I got my first bit of heartburn.  And when I say "bit" I really mean my chest felt like it was cracked open and put on fire.  Sleeping obviously didn't happen.  I could not get comfortable.  Sunday, once I actually got out of bed, I was alright.  Monday was good.  Then at some point while sleeping on Monday night, it came back.  I didn't think I ate anything bad but let me tell you... It did not go away or let up one bit until this morning.  I tried Tums, milk, water, eating bland (which sucks, I love good food and I've got some good stuff in the fridge), sitting up, standing up, laying down, getting on all 4s like a dog to see if letting it all "hang loose" would give my body parts some relief, propping myself up with pillows, going upstairs to lay in an actual recliner, laying in bed, making a donut with pillows so I can lay on stomach (doesn't work that well, they squish down...) and I even tried to get myself to throw up.  I was desperate.  It brought me to tears- the pain and just the mental craziness of not knowing what to do.  I would have called the doctor but we have an appointment this afternoon so I figured I'd wait.  If I have to eat bread for the next 30 days I will.  Whatever it takes.  That was the worst ever.  End complaint...

Anyway, now on to the fun part!  On the Saturday the 16th, some amazing friends hosted a beautiful and simple baby shower for me.  I felt loved and special.  Here are some shots from the party!  :-) 

If you've been following James and I for very long or you've gone back and read, we've got some funny moments and we share to "keep it real".  I wasn't planning on posting this but I shared the story with a friend and she suggested I do because it's funny. So here it goes...

I like to get pedicures.  I like my toes to look pretty and usually I only get one every couple to few months because the expense can add up and it is a luxury that I can do without.  I'm pretty good at painting my toes but with a giant baby belly in the way, it makes it difficult so I've been going about once a month.  Last week I went in to see my super cool lady, Michelle and she noticed the wart I've got on the end of one of my toes. I've had it for a while.  Tried some over the counter stuff a while back (before baby) and it didn't work.  Went to the dermo for some other stuff and totally forgot to mention my wart.  It doesn't hurt, you can't see it and with Wyatt I didn't want to do anything about it so I've left it alone.  Well, Michelle was like I know how to get rid of that thing!  I'll take care of it as soon as we're finished.  She said burning incense would make it go away.  I didn't think much about it was like "okay, whatever".  

She finishes my toes, and beautifully I might add and walks over to a cabinet grabs a few sticks of incense and a lighter.  She lit one of them up, held my foot and touched it to my wart.  OUCHIE!!!!!!!  That's not what I expected.  Whoa.  Let me tell you, just like anything hot and on fire would hurt when you touch it to your skin, so does incense that has just been lit.  I didn't yell, cry or anything.  I just got really, really hot.  She continued to relight the stick and put up to the wart.  I continued to sit there and sweat.  (I almost typed swear instead of sweat just then- that was probably appropriate as well...)  She finished and now instead of just a wart and pretty toes, I have a black wart and pretty toes and my toe is actually throbbing.  haha.  She told me I have to do it 3 days in a row or it doesn't work.  Something in the incense kills the wart.  She said if James or I can't do it ourselves, for me to come back in and she would for me.  Oh, James is what I'm thinking at this point.  How am I going to tell him I let this lady, not a doctor, try to burn my wart off.  I was thinking he'd flip out.  

So, I get up to pay and leave and when I stand up, I realize all the sweating is showing.  I was wearing a cotton skirt.  The backs of my legs and bottom were soaked.  I had to get up and walk out like that... embarrassing.  Michelle was laughing.  I was trying to be like "I told you I was hot and sweating".  Ugh... I lived though.  

On the way home, I called my friend Laura.  She lived in China for 5 years and I joke that she's half Asian because of that.  I asked her if she'd ever heard of that particular remedy for warts but she hadn't.  She did say, Easterners usually have some old remedies that us westerns don't have that usually work so it's worth a try.  And we both laughed about what James would say.  

I debated telling him right away or not... but ended up doing so because I toe was hurting.  He actually reacted very differently than I expected.  He was totally on board with me continuing to try burning it off.  I think he just hates it and wants to see it gone.  I haven't tried again yet because I knew on Saturday I was getting maternity pictures and I didn't want a big black dot showing up in them.  But I will do this week.  

I'll post an update from Dr. Lo if she has anything new and get a 35 week picture up over the weekend.  I've already made my chalkboard so I just have to take the picture. 

Happy Hump Day to all!