James and I began this blog at the very beginning of our pregnancy with Wyatt to share and update our new adventures as we became pregnant and start the new season of parenthood. Sixteen weeks into pregnancy, I had to go into surgery to ensure our son would not come too early and shortly after, we found out Wyatt has Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This is our humble attempt at being transparent and hopefully sharing the joys and love of Christ through this roller coaster ride we're on. And now to share even more with the new miracle on the way.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Days 95 & 96

Day 95: Wyatt was sprawled out asleep when I got there today. I changed his diaper and picked him and held him. He didn't wake up once in all of that! Then I needed to pump and so I put him back in his bed and he had some major reflux. It was so heartbreaking. I hadn't seen it be that bad. His nurse picked him up and held him so that I could pump and he was calm. Then I got to breast feed again and not 5 minutes alone, he was passed smooth out again. He pretty much slept on me the entire time. He woke up about 20 minutes before we left. We just talked and played him. The doctors changed his milk volume just a little today. His surgery is still schedule for Wednesday but we don't have a time yet.

Day 96: Wyatt was kind of asleep when I got there so I just swooped him up and cuddled and of course he fell fast asleep on my arms. We stayed that way until I needed to pump. Then I got to breast feed. James wasn't able to come up to see Wyatt today because he's got cold like symptoms. Not sure if it's really a cold or allergies. But we didn't want to take any chances. His surgery is going forward as planned for tomorrow. His feed will be turned off at midnight and he'll receive nutrition through IV fluids. Wyatt will also have blood taken in the morning as it is something they do for all surgeries. James and I will be able to walk over with him. Sending my baby into surgery again is heartbreaking but I trust the Lord and this is best for him right now. He needs to be home with us where he can thrive and we can care for him. Nurse Amber is caring for him tonight which helps the hard situation a little easier. She's going to clean him up and love on him. We don't know what time his surgery is but we do know he is #3 in line with the surgeon. Please join us in praying for him and all involved. We love him so much.

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