James and I began this blog at the very beginning of our pregnancy with Wyatt to share and update our new adventures as we became pregnant and start the new season of parenthood. Sixteen weeks into pregnancy, I had to go into surgery to ensure our son would not come too early and shortly after, we found out Wyatt has Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This is our humble attempt at being transparent and hopefully sharing the joys and love of Christ through this roller coaster ride we're on. And now to share even more with the new miracle on the way.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 98

Day 98: James stayed home from work today to rest some more. He is still not feeling that great. So, I drove down and got there right before noon. Wyatt was sleeping but his nurse wanted to put him back in his crib so I changes his diaper and picked him up very carefully. I don't want to scrunch his little tummy and cause him any more discomfort. He slept for quite some time. He'd wake up, kind of, and let out a cry and then go right back to sleeping. He did wake up and then I could just tell, he wasn't feeling it so I talked to the nurse. She called the NP and they got him some Tylenol. It took about 30 minutes to kick in. I knew it had when he stopped crying. Then he was just taking everything in and being just as cute as could be. James and I did find out yesterday that Wyatt's stomach is small. That can help explain his reflux and his inability to tolerate a larger feed. We may just have an all day "snacker"... Kind of like his daddy! Guess I should jump on board!! :)

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