James and I began this blog at the very beginning of our pregnancy with Wyatt to share and update our new adventures as we became pregnant and start the new season of parenthood. Sixteen weeks into pregnancy, I had to go into surgery to ensure our son would not come too early and shortly after, we found out Wyatt has Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This is our humble attempt at being transparent and hopefully sharing the joys and love of Christ through this roller coaster ride we're on. And now to share even more with the new miracle on the way.

Friday, July 20, 2012

And Our Journey Continues...

I'm sorry I have not been posting what's been going on this last week on the blog.  I've just updated my facebook world.  It was much easier.  What I'm thinking I will do is copy and past our FB updates to here in order, otherwise I might not ever return to blogging.  :-)  I will also try to type up our actual birth story for our sweet Wyatt!  

The first thing I want to start with is an e-mail my husband wrote up.  It's not often he shares like this so here it is straight from Daddy's mouth (or fingertips- however you want to look at it...)

Last Wednesday my wife and I went to our weekly doctor’s appointment for her and our son Wyatt and the doctor was concerned with Casey’s health so they sent us to the hospital for 24 hour observation.  Later that day they decided to induce labor at 36 weeks. At 6:20am on Thursday our son Wyatt was born and immediately taken to the Parkland NNICU.  Casey’s recovery has been long and concerning, but she should get discharged later today.  Wyatt’s vitals were good following his birth and have remained stable since.  He was doing so well the doctor’s at Children’s decided to do the first surgery yesterday.  The operation went well without complications and today he is recovering with stable vitals.  In all honesty, Wyatt is doing miraculously well, which can only be attributed to God answering many of your and our prayers. Words can’t do justice to the appreciation I have for your prayers but thank you.  Please continue to pray for his recovery and potential future operations.

Below are some images of Wyatt’s first few days of life in chronological order with labels. Feel free to forward this on.

Seconds after birth two teams of roughly 15 doctors and nurses stabilizing Wyatt on the other side of the room.

 Wyatt all hooked up, breathing through a ventilator and silently crying.

Wyatt and his primary nurse Angela at Parkland NNICU.  Angela later changed her schedule to work on the day of Wyatt’s surgery to prepare him for the enduring road ahead, which was typically her day off.

 Wyatt was born long and thin at 18.5 inches and weighing 4 pounds 8.3 ounces with giant feet.

 Wyatt napping it up.

 Wyatt holding Casey’s finger.

 Some of the doctors and nurses from Children’s post-surgery transporting him back into Parkland NNICU.

Wyatt all doped up post-surgery.

Wyatt earlier this morning slowly recovering and beginning to move following surgery.

The road ahead for Wyatt is unknown, but our faith is in the Lord and His providence.  Thank you for your continued prayers.


Now for all our FB post in order...

 July 11th

So, James Davis & I went into our weekly visit and my blood pressure is too high and I have too much protein in my urine. We are at Parkland, Dr. Lo is on her way to take out my cerclage and begin inducing me. Wyatt should be here by tomorrow. We appreciate any and all prayers for my and Wyatt's safety! — with James Davis.

 July 12th

Wyatt James Davis born 6:20am. 4 pounds 8.3 ounces. I'm great and Wyatt is doing really great so far!!! — with James Davis.

July 13th

Wyatt doesn't have any new updates yet, which is good. We are still waiting to hear from surgeons on when they think surgery can happen. I'm doing okay. The doctors are trying to keep my blood pressure down. But I'm just sleeping, eating and pumping. :). James has been amazing Nd taking great care of me and checking in on Wyatt. I got to go see him once yesterday afternoon.

July 14th

They gave him earmuffs bc he doesn't like the noises. Praising God for his health! He is strong!

July 15th

Wyatt 3 days old! Look at those toes and fingers!!! #nofilter 
 Wyatt is doing good. He's been stable since birth and if he continues today and tonight he should get to go in for his CDH repair tomorrow. I was able to help take care of him last night and this morning by changing his diaper and holding his long arms down while the nurse did some stuff. He opens his eyes if it's not too bright.
This morning I was finally able to have my epidural catheter removed and be transferred to a "regular" recovery room. My blood pressure is still high and my blood platelets are still low but coming up. God has been so good and in charge of each and every detail. :) Thank you everyone for all the prayers. We have felt them and see them in our healing!

Cuddle time at the hospital! JD is super tired so I'm sending him home tonight to get a good nights rest uninterrupted! We've got a big day tomorrow!!!


July 16th

It's surgery day for our sweet Wyatt. The time has been changed from this morning to 1:30 this afternoon. We are praying for patience in waiting, steady hands and discernment for his doctors and miraculous healing/recovery for our son. Thankful our God is good and faithful in all these things!!

This little boy right here is absolute proof of God, his miracles and how big and good He is!! We are so blessed and do thankful in so many ways. Thank you everyone for being our arms and feet all this time laboring in prayer for our family. God is so good. I cannot express that enough!!

Wyatt has gone back into surgery.

Wyatt is out of surgery and we are on our way back to parkland NICU. Everything went well. Praising God. Will update more details later.

Repair Day! 7-16-12

July 17th

I went down to see Wyatt this morning before they close the NICU for doctors rounds (9-12 daily). He's doing good. Last night he was completely limp due to his meds for surgery and some of that has worn off but he's still pretty out of it and limp but moving around some. He tried to open his eyes a little but just for s second. The nurse had just given him some more pain meds. We're just praying for speedy healing and for him to not feel any pain.
I'm finally being discharged this evening. My BP has been stable with no crazy 170 readings in the middle of the night 2 days. I'm mixed on going home- happy to be out of the hospital and get to be home, sleep in our bed and start our NICU season but so sad to not be right around the corner from our baby by Davis (that's what he is referred to as here). Thank you again for all your prayers and support. We feel loved, encouraged and are reminded of how big and in control our God is to us all!!

Post Surgery Day! He's still pretty out of it but doctors are encouraged by how good he really is doing compared to other cases!! He was even trying to open his eyes! Our hearts melt every time we look at him and leaving tonight was difficult but we trust the Lord and know he is in good hands.
Discharge Fun!!

Six day hospital stay battle wounds. 15 needle pokes in my left arm & hand, 2 in my right one of which was my "in" IV that bruised the crap out of me. This is what happens when your blood platelets are in the 20s instead of above 150 like they should be- you bruise easily! Wyatt is worth EVERY mark, poke, cut and pinch I got!!!

July 18th

James Davis and I came home yesterday to BOTH of our AC units not working. (We think some kids might have stolen our Freon.) We are so thankful for our good friends Brenna Ravenhill and Mason Whitehead for letting us come stay at their place. If I can't be in my home after a long hospital stay, I will say this is the next best place- I still feel like I am home here. Now if only Brenna were actually here with me so that I may enjoy her company!!! :-) JD is at our house now waiting on the AC guy. We'll go see Wyatt this afternoon. The night nurse said he had a really good night and is getting more and more alert again. :-)

Daddy and son!

Wyatt James Davis, Class of '34 - exactly 30 years after his daddy!! Whoop!!
 July 19th

I typed all this out last night but my app crashed, arg....
So Wyatt had an okay day yesterday. The doctors decided to let him decide when he needs pain meds instead of an automatic every 4 hours. They use his agitation level and his silent crying to determine. He made it 7 hours at one point then later in the evening they changed it back to every 4 hours because he was getting so agitated. He also had a blood transfusion. We were told this is very common after babies have surgery to need and it should help him feel better. While we were there he slept the entire time. He tried just a couple of times to open his eyes and he would hold our fingers but that's it. We willgo back up to Parkland again this afternoon.
As for the AC units, it wasn't punk kids- they really both did stop working at the same time, crazy huh?!? Our downstairs unit needs a new compressor and the upstairs one just needs some more freon. The guy couldn't do it yesterday but is coming out first thing this morning. So, we'll be home and cooled off soon! — with James Davis.

Cute (GIANT) Baby Feet!!

 July 20th

Once again, I had this ALL typed out on the ipad and my FB app crashed! So annoying!
Yesterday, James and I decided to wait until later in the day to go see Wyatt. Our goal was miss traffic completely- it worked so I think that is what we'll continue to do. We get there and check in with the receptionist- she calls down to the room to make sure it's a good time for us to come- this is normal but what wasn't normal is that they had us wait. JD said he'd waited once but I hadn't had to just yet. But then we kept waiting. One of the nurses saw us waiting and went to check on our sweet baby for us. She came back and said he had done something with his tube and they were getting it back into place. I'm thinking, okay, no biggie. Well, it was a biggie. They came over the speaker and called for something to Wyatt's room. (He is in a room that can be shared with 9 other babies.) Then we see his doctor SPRINT past us and into his room. My heart was so heavy and I will be honest, I was totally freaking out. I was just begging the Lord to keep him strong and to let him be okay. The nurse came back out to us and got us to the family room to wait. Between her and Wyatt's doctor, they did an excellent job keeping us updated. Apparently either little mister pulled his breathing tube out or it came out. That of course made all his vitals go crazy bad. They ended up getting a new tube in, upping his oxygen to 100%, putting him on nitrogen (nitro something maybe? more air basically) and were ready to put him on a more heavy duty breathing machine- but thankfully they didn't need it. He also got chest x-rays and an echocardiograhm and some sweets to take the pain away and the edge off. Once all this happened and he settled down we got to sit with him. Of course we got onto him and grounded him to his bed for scaring us like he did. And he is under strict orders to never, ever let that happen again! God was so faithful through all of this. I don't know what I would do if we didn't truly believe that God is in complete control of everything and if He didn't give us this strength. He really is so faithful and we ares so thankful. Wyatt is strong and a fighter because that's how he was created. We just pray for his continued strength as well as ours. Wyatt is doing really good now. All his numbers are back to where they had been and our awesome nurse, Angela, is hoping he gets off the nitrogen machine today. Thank you standing alongside us through all of this. :-) We are blessed by each and every one of your prayers. — with James Davis.


So here we are.  We're still on this ride and in this adventure.  God has been and is so good and we are so thankful for the journey He has given us.  I know it's made us so much closer to him, each other and given us strength and courage we never could have imagined.  We KNOW Wyatt is being used for great things already and will continue to be used to glorify and shine light on our loving God.  

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